All things. Even me.

I make all things new.

– Jesus

It’s been a long time since I felt anything so deeply resonating truth through my soul.

I was curled up in my chair, weeping so loudly my dogs left the room, watching a movie depicting the crucifixion of Jesus. I watch it every year on Good Friday.  There is a scene when Jesus is carrying the cross, bloodied and broken, and He falls down on the street while His mother looks on. She flashes back to Him as a small boy, falling and scraping His knees. It’s in slow motion of course, for added dramatic effect, and any mom with a little boy is guaranteed to lose it at least for a moment as she relates to Mary. Which is precisely what I did.

As Mary rushed to His side, weeping, Jesus’ eyes met hers and He cried out to her, “See mother? I make all things new!” He grabbed the cross with a surge of strength and lifted it to His back and continued on up the hill to Calvary.

Now I’m fully aware that this scene is a creative liberty and doesn’t exist in scripture.

But I was so caught up in the deep, guttural emotion of what God and Mary both would have been feeling, watching their Son tortured unto death,  that it made my thankfulness that much more real to me. (I’m not kidding when I say I scared the dogs). And the second He uttered those words “I make all things new,” I cried out “Even me!”

The movie is too gruesome for me and I have to fast forward some scenes because I can’t bear it. But I’m thankful for how real it made His crucifixion for me. I’m thankful that I was able to grasp a little deeper what He went through.


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